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Welcome. We are thrilled to include a web log as part of our community outreach efforts.


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  1. Jennifer Hickok says:

    We will be presenting at the ACE consortium PIR day in Laurel on 9/12/11. My hope would be to start an active Blog for educators and mental health providers to talk openly about what our youth are exhibiting within the classrooms and beyond. I feel there is a huge disconnect for our students and we need to start bridging the the gap for our At-Risk students! Lets talk about Wrap Around services in Public School?

  2. Jennifer Hickok says:

    Question for the week: What do you do with students who are not diagnosed as having a label, but who continually break the rules and defy their classroom teacher? This question was written by a teacher who attended the ACE consortium teacher workshop in Laurel last week. When the writer posed this question she/he were referring to having a diagnosis to clarify the behavior, such as SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed). Continuing, the question suggests that even there is no formal diagnosis what do you do with difficult behaviors in classroom.

  3. i am so proud to have gone to new day it helped me so much and i love it i love the staff and how they helped me threw the hard and i would like to give thanks to all the staff and to Nancy she is a good cook and she is awesome and was there for me when i need to talk to someone.. and i would love to give thanks to vernon

  4. Marlana Black Dog says:

    I would love to say that New Day has helped me alot & when I needed help or just someone to talk to there was always someone there! (: The counselors were so easy to talk to & helped you get through what you were strugglin’ with. The staff are always so supportive and are happy to be working with the kids that are there, they want to help change their lives! Like how they helped change mine! (: New Day was a great experience for me, We went to places I never been to before. They were all so beautiful sites to see! The stuff we learned while out on our “adventures” were really help full like teaching us how to do CPR, and make a splint if you were out in the woods & had to use sticks & cloth, Also, used dry grass & a pocket knife to make sparks to make the fire! (: It was very fun & cool! I would like to Give a BIG Thank You Out To Vernon & All The Staff At New Day for helping me be a better person! I took in what you have taught me & am still using it on the outs! (: When I have My baby & when it grows older I will teach ’em all that I have learned from New Day(: Thank You So Much! (‘:

  5. Juan Scott says:

    I’m not gonna lie New Day helped me a lot in many ways it has changed
    Me ever since I left that place. New Day gives you the opportunity to change your life around. So if you are having troubles with pretty much anything that you don’t think you can handle on you own or that no one else can. New Day is the place to go, trust me it helps I know at least four other people that i was there with and they are doing great.

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