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Therapeutic Foster Care

Therapeutic foster care is a system of care that includes planned, time-limited placement with a treatment family for children and youth diagnosed as Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED). Foster families are specially trained to be members of a multi-disciplinary therapeutic team that serve the needs of these children. These families receive support from a professional therapeutic team that includes Treatment Management and Targeted Youth Case Management.

Therapeutic Foster Care Services include:
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Culturally appropriate individualized treatment plans
  • Outdoor recreational activities
  • Native American cultural training
  • Horsemanship Program
  • Drumming, singing, sweats, Talking Circles, Pow-Wows, social gatherings
  • Treatment and Case Management
  • Individualized and group therapy
  • Educational planning
  • On-call professional therapeutic staff available to foster families
  • Respite care
  • Immediate access to 24-hour crisis intervention
  • On-going training and development for treatment parents and staff
  • Monthly therapeutic support groups
  • Respite care available to treatment families

Make no mistake, this will be challenging work for any family that chooses to get involved. Only families and individuals who clearly understand the challenges of this work will be properly prepared to make a difference in a troubled young life. We intend to seek out and find families that will join with us as partners in our therapeutic team. These homes will provide the children with care, structure, support and focused mental health intervention.

Respite Foster Care Parents

Because foster parents have an especially challenging job, they need support from caring members of the community to best serve the children in their care. Respite foster care parents provide foster families the break they need. Respite care providers offer foster children the supervision the need for a short period of time (usually a 24-hour day or a weekend); which allows on-going foster parents a chance for some time off or assistance with emergencies. Respite care offers both child and caregiver time for renewal. It is available to all foster families to ensure continued stability of the child’s primary placement. If you are considering foster parenting but are not ready to make the long-term commitment, being a respite care provider may be right for you. A stipend is provided to defray the expenses of the foster child’s care for that time period.

If you would like to be on our Foster Care mailing list, or if you want to learn more about how you can help, call New Day Inc. Community Based Support Care at (406) 294-2330. Children are in need now. You can help.

If you are…
Open, honest, and caring
Willing and able to commit to 33 hours of training
Willing to be part of a team that is dedicated to developing individualized
care for children
Willing to be a part of Native American cultural activities
Willing to undergo a background screening
Willing to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support for a child

– you might be the right candidate this Foster Care Program.

For more information about Therapeutic Foster Care, please contact Carrie Metzger at Community Based Support Care at (406) 294-2330. Bookmark this page and visit us often as we will continue to update our information and provide you with additional resources.


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