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New Day Group Homes

The New Day Group Homes provide structured quality therapeutic living services for male/female youths ages 10 through 18. Our services are for those youth who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, educational, and adjustment difficulties.

During their stay at the New Day Group Homes, youths learn increased responsibility while developing age-appropriate ways of meeting their needs for closeness, interest and support.

Inappropriate behavior is confronted, consequenced and redirected, while appropriate behavior is reinforced and rewarded. The New Day Incentive Point System is used, requiring each youth to earn his status and privileges. The program assists the youth in their development through a living experience that is both secure and therapeutic.

The New Day Group Homes are founded on the philosophy that every youth needs a safe and trusting environment, and that a structured, safe program is the most effective way to help youth who are in emotional disarray return to a healthy and stable lifestyle. The program also includes equestrian and cultural activities.

A safe environment is one in which staff are firmly in control and accept the responsibility to conduct themselves at all times in a manner consistent with the values we strive to foster in young people.

The supportive Therapeutic Living environment provided at New Day is based on active treatment interventions which are provided in accordance with the youth’s individual treatment plan. The individual treatment plan is developed to address significant elements of the youth’s living experience and provides specific behavioral interventions that are designed to result in the youth’s discharge to a less restrictive environment.

“Children are our most valuable natural resource.”
—Herbert Hoover


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