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Youth Support Specialist Program

This program is provided on a one-on-one basis for the benefit of Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) youth.  Youth Support Specialists (YSS) work directly with youth and families in the community to provide supervised therapeutic services to those youth and families with emotional and behavioral difficulties for the purpose of supporting and maintaining the family unit.  This service is designed to assist individuals in developing the skills, behaviors, and emotional stability necessary to live successfully in the community.  The YSS service is provided by trained paraprofessionals who assist the client in building appropriate social and coping skills.  In addition to being a resource for youth and families, the YSS also works toward building a relationship based on trust through open and honest communication.

Benefits of the YSS Program

The Youth Support Specialist Program benefits both the youth and the family through one-on-one assistance working on specific therapeutic goals established by a treatment team.  Youth Support Specialists have the ability to work with youth in many different settings, such as Natural Family, Foster Care, Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoptive Families. 


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