New Day, Inc. is excited to announce that we are now offering the ACT/Prime for Life Program
for clients with DUI Convictions or related offenses. 

The ACT/PFL consists of the following:

  • Chemical Dependency Evaluation
  • Prime for Life Classes
  • Referral to level of treatment if meets criteria or two or more DUI’s per MT State Law
  • Monthly Monitoring

New Day Ranch, Inc. offers a lower fee than most facilities in Montana. The total cost of the
program is $350.00, which is due upfront and less expensive than most ACT/PFL Programs in Montana.
Click here for a complete step by step guide of the ACT/Prime for Life Program to give
to clients who choose New Day, Inc. as their ACT/Prime for Life Provider.

Thank you in advance for referring defendants to New Day Inc. to complete all requirements of
the ACT/Prim for Life Program.

Send Referral to Fax# 406-294-0026, or deliver in person or Mail to 1724 Lampman Drive, Billings, MT. 59102

Please do not hesitate to contact Jessica Erickson with any questions you may have at (406) 545.4102