The board of directors is a team of six who keep an eye on the operations of this nonprofit organization.  They meet at least quarterly and oversee operations, review reports, and recommend changes. This group of people has more than 300 years of experience combined, own businesses in the local community, and their mission is to ensure New Day is successful.

“We make sure that New Day is serving the children, staff, and the local community,” said Edie Adams, New Day Chairman of the Board.

In other words, the board of directors provides a checks-and-balances function to ensure New Day maintains its fiscal obligations in terms of responsible spending. New Day receives funding from the state and federal government. When a person or organization donates funds, they can be assured the money is spent wisely.

Edie Adams


Anna Fisher

(Vice-President)- Retired BIA Tribal Children and Family Social Director

Rod Adkins

(Treasurer/Secretary)- Retired Business Owner

Doris Limberhand


Wilma “Cookie” Desjarlais


Joe Chalupa

(Chairman)- Retired HUB Director

Nicholas Bravo

(Director)- Account Manager with Fisher’s Technology

Jeff Berger

(Vice Chair)- Real Estate