Do you have what it takes to be a foster parent?

It doesn’t mean having to take care of a child full time. Sometimes it means just helping parents take a break and watching a child for 48 hours. Of course, full-time foster families are also needed, but if you just wanted to try it out for a couple days, maybe give yourself time to warm up to the idea, then give respite foster care parenting a try.

Therapeutic foster care involves placing a seriously emotionally disturbed child with foster families, whom New Day provides specialty training so families can care for the needs of each child. Treatment management and targeted youth case management teams provide the professional therapeutic support for the foster families during the time they’ve agreed to care for the child.

“Make no mistake, this will be challenging work for any family that chooses to get involved,” said Carrie Metzger, New Day Therapeutic Foster Care Licensing and Recruitment Specialist. “Only families and individuals who clearly understand the challenges of this work will be properly prepared to make a difference in a troubled young life. We intend to seek out and find families who will join with us as partners in our therapeutic team. These homes will provide the children with care, structure, support and focused mental health intervention,” Carrie said.

Therapeutic Foster Care Services include:

  • Provides intensive support and clinical services in the homes of specially trained, licensed foster parents.
  • Home Support Services: weekly home visits
  • Respite Care Services: structured break for parent and child up to 48 hours per month.

Respite Foster Care Parents

Sometimes foster parents need a break. That’s what respite foster care is all about. For a short time, some community members agree to temporarily care for foster children so the foster families can enjoy a break. Usually the break is just for 24 hours, or perhaps a weekend.

This also allows foster parents a chance for some time off or assistance with family emergencies. Respite care offers both child and caregiver time for renewal. It is available to all foster families to ensure continued stability of the child’s primary placement.

If you are considering foster parenting but are not ready to make the long-term commitment, being a respite
care provider may be right for you. A stipend is provided to defray the expenses of the foster child’s care for
that time period

To obtain additional information about our Therapeutic Foster Care services please contact:

Carrie Metzger 

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