Culturally Inclusive Healing Techniques – A Holistic Approach While the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse ravage the body, mind, and soul of all people in the same manner — not distinguishing between race, color, or creed — the healing process can vary among cultures and spiritual beliefs. Such is the case with New Day’s cornerstone holistic recovery program. It’s an optional program, but about 50% of New Day’s non-Indian clients choose this course of healing. That’s because New Day doesn’t base the treatment on a person’s skin color, but on their spirituality.

Clients learn about themselves and figure out why they do what they do. The goal is to discover the reasons behind alcohol and drug misuse and to concentrate on the emotional, physical and spiritual foundations that cause people to do what they do. The next step involves incorporating Native American ceremonies and cultural symbolism into the healing process.

It focuses on a person’s spiritual being – a creator, a God, Buddha, or a Great Spirit or Holy Spirit. In other words, New Day’s approach is to focus on connecting people to their higher power, whomever that higher being may be.

New Day individually customizes care to adapt to each person’s cultural and spiritual preferences.  Care is further divided into Youth and Adult programs, maintaining two separate and distinct lines of treatment.

Enrichment Activities

Medicine Wheel              

Talking Circle


Drum Group 

Equine Program

All activities are optional. To learn more about each of these Native American Cultural Enrichment activities please select the title of the activity from above to be taken to a dedicated page within our website.