ACT- Prime for Life (PFL); 1st and 3rd Weeks of each month; Mondays & Wednesday 9-3pm

  • Chemical Dependency Evaluation
  • 12 Hours of PFL classes per State Requirements
  • Monthly Monitoring upon completion of the 12 hours
  • Referral to level of treatment if meeting criteria OR have 2 or more DUIs
  • Contact: Stephanie Hons 406-869-0797 

Level 2.1 Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Eagles Nest Healing Center (1724 Lampman Dr.)

  • Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (SUD)
  • Female Drug Court IOP Group; Monday-Thursday 9-11am
  • Mixed Walk-In IOP Group; Monday-Thursday 9-11am
  • Male Drug Court IOP Group; Monday-Thursday 5-7pm
  • Male Walk-In IOP Group: Monday-Thursday 5-7pm
  • Contact: Admissions (Brook) 406-869-0777 

Level 1.0 Continued Care: Relapse Prevention and After Care: 1726 Lampman

  • Female Continuing Care Group; Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5pm
  • Male Continuing Care Group; Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm
  • Contact: Admissions (Brook) 406-869-0777 

Ancillary Services: Eagles Nest Healing Center (1724 Lampman Dr.)

  • Anger Management; Mondays 1-3pm
  • Seeking Safety; Tuesdays 11-1pm
  • Strengthening Communications for Relationships/Co-Parenting; Wednesdays 1-3pm
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) Thinking Errors; Thursdays 11-1pm
  • Nurturing Parenting; Fridays 1-3pm
  • Contact: Admissions (Brook) 406-869-0777 

Coming June 2022 

Men’s Sober Living Home

Phoenix Gym Bootcamp: 1/10/2023

The Phoenix Gym will be hosting a bootcamp class in our gym at 3:30. The only requirement is 48 hours of continuous sobriety. This is free to anyone in recovery or anyone with family or friends in recovery. Please register on the Phoenix website  or download the app if you would like to attend Please invite your clients start a new, healthy habit for the new year.

Please contact:

Stephanie Adkins


Tammy Long