Open to all youth ages 10-17 in the community, this popular treatment program allows boys and girls to take part in accredited therapeutic and education services during the day and go home at night. This program is also available during the summer months for eligible youth in the community.

Divided into age-appropriate groups, the children have many activities from which to choose that are specifically designed to increase social skills, provide clinical therapy, and solve problems.

The day treatment program includes the following:

Social skills’ Improvement: Whether it be just having lunch, or playing basketball, or in classroom activities, counselors help children solve problems and teach them how to deal with difficult social situations.

Therapeutic Interventions:  Counselors target the specific mental health and chemical dependency treatment needs of each youth. The program also incorporates psychiatric care and medication management.

Chemical Dependency Treatment: This consists of two group-therapy sessions and one individual therapy session per week with a licensed addiction counselor, a total of five hours of treatment per week. It’s known as Level 1 Chemical Dependency Treatment.

Specialized Academic Programming: A certified special educational teacher designs a customized educational program for each youth. A certified teacher provides instruction in a classroom setting on the New Day campus.

Cultural and Recreational Activities: The day treatment program also includes the experiential activities, in addition to the adventure program, which includes canoeing, hiking, rappelling, biking, and the equine program.

To make a referral or to obtain additional information about our Youth Day Treatment program please contact:


Rebecca Mallott

Phone: 406-545-5106

Fax: 406.256.3219

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