Keeping in the tradition of honoring the sacred circle of life, New Day uses

Talking Circles as part of support, healing, discussion, and evaluation.
Talking circles begin with smudging. The two ceremonies are intertwined.
Talking circles are structured group discussions where participants reveal
personal experiences. The leader of the group passes around a “talking
stick” or feather. All participants have the opportunity to express themselves
once they possess the talking stick.

“They can tell a story, share a healing event, sing a song or talk about
whatever they want — uninterrupted,” said Marcus.

Some share the challenges of everyday life, or issues with family and

“If a participant gets emotional, someone will light sweet grass or other
‘medicine’ for that person as a way of saying their emotions are ‘heard’ and
a healing is taking place,” Marcus said. “Talking circles are held as a sacred
(confidential) group process, and we believe that healing can begin with
individuals sharing in a positive and healing environment that the circle